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Induction of anesthesia in a 72 years old man with aortic stenosis.
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Medical knowledge

The company is based on theoretical knowledge and clinical experience in the fields of anesthesiology, intensive care medicine, cardiology, cardiac surgery and extra-corporeal circulation in combination with research in circulatory physiology.

Simulation software

The company has 20+ years of experience in development of simulation models in anesthesia and physiology aiming to deepen understanding and provide modern educational tools to students, nurses, doctors, industry and medical researchers. Aplysia CardioVascular Lab 2019 Aplysia CardioVascular Lab is a state of the art real-time cardiovascular simulation model with an attractive interface aiming for both education, research and clinical decision support in cardiology, intensive care and cardiac surgery. Other softwares...


The company also provide medical expertise and creativity based on solid science, engineering skills and long clinical experience within the fields of anesthesia, intensive care, cardiology, medical technology and extra-corporeal circulation. Send us an e-mail for further information.
Cardiac   surgery   is   an   example of     qualified     team     work     in modern   health   care.   Surgeons, anesthesiologists,   scrub   nurses, anesthesia          nurses          and perfusionists      work      together facilitating    the    work    of    the surgeons   optimizing   safety   and decision making.