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Isoflurane pharmacokinetics

Aplysia Kinetics (former MEDIQ Kinetics)

A pharmacokinetic software and simulation model for anesthesia and emergency medicine

The software was developed during the 90s and has been used as a teaching aid in several of Sweden's University Teaching Hospitals for many years. Although primarily aimed at anaesthetic trainees it may also be of interest to other students interested in pharmacology and pharmacokinetics. The software contains a 3-compartment pharmacokinetic model, where drugs are injected in a central compartment and then distributed to the effect compartment as well as a high perfusion and a low perfusion compratment. Every parameter in the model can be adjusted and parameter sets saved and re-opened at any time. In addition to handle intravenous pharmacokinetics the model and software also handle anesthetic inhalation agents. Ventilation parameters as well as gas properties can be adjusted.   The software contains pharmacokinetic data for halothane, isoflurane, desflurane, sevoflurane and nitrous oxide.