Watching the monitors during cardiac surgery.
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Aplysia CardioVascular Lab

The 2019 improved version of Aplysia CardioVascular Lab is state of the art in real- time cardiovascular simulation. It can be used for education, as a research tool or to explore the pathophysiology of real patients and many possible treatment options. The simulation core is scientifically published and the interface is attractive and easy to use. More than a dozen of cases are included and any scenario can be saved and re-opened at any time. Aplysia CardioVascular Lab includes both neonatal, pediatric and adult physiology. 

Aplysia Anesthesia Simulator

The similarities between anaesthesia and aviation are quite obvious. Although flight simulators have been important for many decades simulation of anaesthesia is still not fullyt appreciated as a training tool. This software, Anaesthesia Simulator 4.3, is a low budget alternative for theoretical anaesthesia training! Development of this software is discontinued.


Aplysia Medical AB offers a variety of simulation model softwares related to anesthesia, intensive care, emergency medicine, pharmacology and cardiovascular physiology. The current development efforts are focused on Aplysia CardioVascular Lab, but the other softwares are still unique products with both clinical, scientifical and educational relevance. 
Aplysia Medical AB

Aplysia Kinetics

MEDIQ Kinetics is a pharmacokinetic simulation software for drugs used in emergency medicine and anesthesia. Intravenous as well as inhalational agents are included. Development of this software is discontinued.

MEDIQ CorVascSim

MEDIQ CorVascSim is a cardiovascular simulation software. It may be used for education purposes. It may also be helpful when interpreting clinical hemodynamic data and experimental circulatory research data. MEDIQ CorVascSim is a flexible tool. It can be used with a user-friendly easy-to- understand STANDARD interface, but it is also possible to switch to an ADVANCED mode, where every variable in the model can be controlled in detail. MEDIQ CorVascSim is based on scientifically published models utilising mathematical modelling and the computing power of modern PCs. MEDIQ CorVascSim is now discontinued and replaced by Aplysia CardioVascular Lab.