Movement of the atrioventricular plane as a piston is the working principle of the heart.
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Aplysia CardioVascular Lab

The full version includes all the currenty functionality of the software and updates during at least one year. Neonatal, pediatric and adult physiology can be simulated. Patient scenarios can be saved whenever you like and re-opened at your request. Systolic and diastolic cardiac function can be fine-tuned. The vascular tree properties interact with cardiac function as in real life. Combined and isolated valve pathology can be analyzed. Congenital cardiac malformations like atrial septal defects, ventricular septal defects, transposition of the great arteries. single- ventricle physiology and persistent ductus arteriosus can be explored with a detailed control of any parameters in the underlying simulation model. Treatment options like intra-aortic balloon pump, pulsatile and non-pulsatile left/right ventricular assist devices, veno-venous and veno- arterial extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation with a selection of cannulation options, manual resuscitation and positive pressure ventilation is available. Cardiac and vascular analysis modules give detailed information about cardiac energetics, systolic and diastolic function as well as vascular wave transmission, vascular wall stress and shear stress. The model can be scaled to the size of your patients with automatic algorhitms creating realistic physiology all the way from extreme prematures to ageing adults. The cardiac chambers, vasculature and pericardium can be set to remodel according to biomechanical rules determining dilatation and hypertrophy in agreement with clinical data. Surgical. €400.00 + VAT 25%

Aplysia CardioVascular Lab DEMO

The DEMO version is free to download and install, but you must register before downloading. The functionality is restricted to some scenarios in adult pathophysiology, where only systolic cardiac function can be modified. Right heart catheterisation is possible. The license is valid for 30 days. €0.00

Aplysia Anesthesia Simulator

(former MEDIQ Anesthesia Simulator)

This model and software is an educational tool suitable for introduction to clinical anesthesia. It includes pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, fluid balance, hemodynamics and ventilation.  Development of this product is discontinued. €49.00

Aplysia Kinetics

(former MEDIQ Kinetics)

This easy-to-use software contains pharmakokinetic models of the most common drugs used in anesthesia and intensive care including inhalational agents. A three compartment model gives realistic beahviour of drug kinetics, where phenomenon like redistribution and accumulation can be illustrated.   Development of this product is discontinued. €39.00
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